A memorable day

Last Sunday was one of those days that I’m sure I will always remember; it’s always awesome to see people go through the waters of baptism and declare their commitment to Jesus so publicly and so profoundly!

For me, there were so many aspects of the day that emulated the church we read about in the book of Acts: baptism, of course, and testimonies of lives transformed, filled with the Holy Spirit and set free by the power of Jesus! We prayed for people, prophesied and encouraged as a church family, and we had the privilege of praising God together and sharing the gospel to a packed house. We had the joy of providing the most incredible hospitality, as church continued to do its thing way past the prayer that signalled the end of the ‘formalities’. It was such an impressive expression of church the way it is supposed to be: joyful, expectant, serving, generous and unified!

We are living in exciting days! Thanks to everyone who helped make last Sunday such a memorable time, but today is a new day; let’s seize it and give God fresh glory! Jesus is building His church and we are believing for powerful days ahead!