What does Jesus say about being generous?

As we continue to journey through what it means to be relational and how we can progress by looking at the examples set for us by the Lord Jesus, I have to confess I am challenged! It’s been a bit like playing ‘pass the parcel’, as I unravel one aspect of what it means to live relationally in Christ, another layer is revealed! Maybe the many angles and degrees of depth in the relationship spectrum serve to tell us just how important the subject is! Over the last three weeks we have seen how much Jesus invested into his relationships: befriending people of all backgrounds, having compassion, showing love, trusting and empowering, initiating and inspiring, etc..

Today we take a look at what Jesus had to say about being generous. If we want to see the personification of true and sacrificial generosity, we need look no further than our saviour. He not only gave His life for us, he invested his time, energy and emotions too. He was unconditionally generous with his words, his talents and his gifting; and people from all walks of life benefitted. During his three-year ministry, he had no permanent address and no regular salary, yet he changed the world and the destiny of everyone who believes in him; and you and I are latest beneficiaries! At the root of this series of talks to be increasingly ‘connected in relationship’ lies a challenge to get to know the Lord’s heart better. Over these weeks let us continue to be prayerful, open and ready to receive whatever God wants to highlight, that we might be changed increasingly into his likeness.