Trick or treat?

We extend a warm welcome to Clitheroe Community Church.

It’s good to extend some warmth: autumn has its feet well and truly under the table and, in acknowledgement of that, the clocks went back an hour and Hallowe’en looms around the corner. Hallowe’en provokes an opinion in most people. To those who have little thought for faith or spiritual matters, it’s an opportunity to dress up and ‘trick or treat’. To those on the receiving end of all of that, it can be inconvenient or even frightening. As Christians, it can be a great opportunity to talk the language of faith, share why we don’t do the ‘ghost’ thing and why we choose to celebrate the light we have found in Christ. I’ve always found this approach is way more fruitful than ranting at unsuspecting families when they come knocking on the door. (If you don’t want visitors, don’t be afraid to put a polite sign up on the 31st). The Hallowe’en bags of hope are a great idea. We have some at the welcome desk — they combine ‘good news’ with treats; a great way to communicate our beliefs.

Interestingly, the roots of Hallowe’en are Christian. You probably know that November 1st is All Saints Day, so originally ‘All Hallows Eve’ (or Hallowe’en) was a time of Christian preparation for the following feast day. Back in the mists of time, a sprinkling of superstition that the dead walk on the night before the saints’ day led Hallowe’en to become a thing of darkness rather than light. John 1:15 reminds us that ‘the light shines in the darkness’; the greater the darkness, the more impactful the light! So this week don’t be afraid or intimidated; be safe and let the light of Christ shine in you!