The origin and concluder of our faith

Today we have a precious and potentially life-changing opportunity to worship and focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible calls Him the ‘author and finisher of our faith’ (Hebrews 12:2). As we know, people have faith in many things. Even as Christians, we can find ourselves being side-tracked into putting our hope into a whole range of stuff. Some of it is valid up unto a point, but when we find ourselves being enticed into looking to the systems and distractions of the world for our satisfaction, rather than to Jesus first, then we have missed the whole point! It’s also important to say here that it isn’t even about faith; it’s about looking to and centralising on the author and finisher of our faith … the origin and concluder: and that, of course, is Jesus!

That which we focus upon will impact our journey; whether we feel lost or found, purposeful or without meaning, and even whether we feel loved and wanted or on the edge of things. In Christ there is belonging, purpose, love and meaning. This morning, let’s re-establish our focus on Him. Be encouraged!