It’s all about me?

While we get ready to launch ourselves into our time together this morning, I want to ask a simple question that might just impact how our day unfolds. It’s this: ‘What are our expectations today?’

’If you’re struggling to think of anything specific, that’s okay; something may come to mind later on. Here’s a slightly different angle … is it possible that God might want to expand our expectations for others as well as ourselves? I think that sometimes our faith level is a little too focused on us, and we forget that we have the opportunity to step out for others: in praying for one another; seeking God for a word; sharing that encouragement; being generous with who we are and what we have! There’s something quite limiting in continually seeking God just for ourselves. There are times when it is right to put ourselves first, but the church body really comes alive when it lives beyond self! It is matured, liberated and blessed when its people are willing to be stretched in faith for others in Christ-like servanthood!

A great example of this is the healing of a paralysed man who is lowered down through the ceiling of a house where Jesus is ministering. (See Matthew 9:1-8.) The afflicted man needed his associates to sacrifice their time and energy and step out in faith. They were obedient to the need, and Jesus delivered the miracle! In return the men got their reward … seeing the man completely healed. He couldn’t do it without their effort; what a wonderful example of team ministry! So who will you and I bless today? Dare we step out and seize that opportunity? If we expect it, I believe that God will deliver it!